Monday, August 8, 2011

Site Change

I should be back blogging in a few months. I missed this blog. Will come back with a new template and the blog will be more specific. It will concentrate on Games and Football.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Take on the Fabregas Tranfer Saga and How Fabregas could be a man who shaped our club!

Warning: Extreme Optimism coming your way. Do not attempt to read, if can't take it.

First, let me get some things cleared up.

1. Fabregas loves Barcelona.
2. Fabregas loves Arsenal, Arsenal Fans and respects Mr.Wenger.
3. It was his childhood dream to play for Barcelona shirt.
4. Barcelona may be the club that taught the basics of football to Cesc, but, its Arsenal who made him a star that he is now, at this age of 23.
5. Wilt all the talk from Barca, he was hopeful that a deal might be struck between the two parties. He has great respect for both clubs, that is the reason why he did not make any comments about the situation in the media. Being a true professional, he decided to wait and see.
6. Barca weren't able to negotiate a deal with Arsenal.
7. Cesc knew that a deal cannot be completed because of the financial situations at both clubs and the tactics that Barca used to persuade Arsenal to sell.
8. He released a statement saying that he is focused on the coming season for Arsenal.

Now, initially I was glad that Cesc had decided to stay. How long? It doesn't matter. A player of that qwality will definitely make a difference on the pitch, no matter the circumstances. We, Arsenal fans have clearly seen that when he was injured after the Barca game at the Emiates.

My whole thought process is useless if Arsenal don't genuinely challenge for honors in major competitions. If we do and perhaps win a title(except the Carling Cup), then I think that Fabregas may be convinced to stay. He is driven by success and if we can show that we can win some trophies, I think he will be happy to stay.

Arsenal have been gaining a reputation as a selling club in recent past. The debt for the construction of the stadium is a factor. Now that the clubs finances are looking up, there is no reason to sell our best players. But, our manager needs to show that in the transfer market by starting to get world class talent into the club. I think the whole Fabregas saga might have an effect on how the club performs in the near future. If we maintain our stance in this issue, it will be an indicator to other clubs that we cannot be bullied into selling our top performers. Furthermore, if we can please Fabregas by bringing in a couple of top quality players, we will be more of a super power than a selling club.

So, that's how I think this whole Fabregas transfer saga can effect our club in a positive way. If you are one of the pessimists, there are plenty of Arsenal blogs out there covering the case in a negative(or as some opposition fans call it, realistic) manner.

Come on you, Gunners!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Final FWC Standing

So, the world cup has finished and Spain are deserved winners. I like the Dutch but, you have to accept that the Spanish showed them why they were pre tournament favourites. Anyway, on fantasy terms, I've finished 2,491st overall. I am reasonably satisfied and I hope to get on with the Fantasy Premier League too. I heard that it was open a few days back but I could not check because I was away from home. Kpk and snehil, bring it on!

I have a telephonic interview today, so I'll have to prepare for it. Till then.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The GOTT: Giovanni van Bronckhorst vs Uruguay

This has to be it. A sensational shot right into the top corner from distance. Forlans' goal can also be given a mention here.

Then, there is this well taken set piece to finish it off.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

GOTT: Luis Suarez vs Korea Republic

What a curler!


The Italians are out but, this is something they've left for the tournament. A good game, overall.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

GOTT: Holman vs Serbia

Great strike mate!

GOTT: Mesut Ozil vs Ghana

I was looking at the highlights of some of the matches that I've missed and I've found this to share with you...

Fantasy Footy Update

The group stages of the world cup have come to an end and I am relieved that Spain somehow avoided Brazil in the round of 16. That doesn't make things easy for them, but we still have a possibility of the dream final alive.One of Germany and England have to go out this round. I'm rooting for the Germans to stay, because I do not like the hype that is associated with English team.

Here is another goal from an exceptional player. Kicking the ball into an empty net is easy, but it has to be mentioned today.

Here is a little snippet of how my fantasy team is doing.

I am getting points quite consistently, and am ranked 381 at the moment. There is a difference of 30 odd points between me and the 1st placed team. Hoping to close him down.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GOTT: David Villa vs Honduras

Simply stunning.

And what brought even more joy to me is the fact that he was my captain for round 2. Here is a quick look at where i stand now. Round 3 looks to be challenging and low scoring.